7 thoughts on “Retreat Post-Haste

      1. Yes, muttado is a play on Much Ado, something I came up with to use as an account name on the RhymeZone site where I post in a mix of poetry styles about anything (and where the ha’sonnet form was created). Because muttado was already in use when I tried to create an email account to tie to the site I added the sb – my initials – and the 1 as a separator. Just muttadosb doesn’t look as good. The dog in the Elizabethan collar icon was something I happily just stumbled upon.

        What is the Mouse for in your name?

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      2. I like it. Did you ever consider muttadoabo? Mr Steve Buchanan. Not sure if that’s close just the first name that came to mind 😂
        RhymeZone is great site, didn’t realise you could post to them.
        Old nickname. I was a small child and my name is similar to the cartoon character.

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      3. I didn’t even think about muttadoabo. I kind of like it now that I see it. You’re close on the name – Stephen, not Steve. I put it at the end of every post. 🙂
        It’s good that you can keep using old family nicknames. In my experience people don’t want to.

        RhymeZone has forums where poetry is posted. It is a friendly site where constructive criticism is offered if asked, and provided in a nice way.

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      4. I’m guessing I’ve read your name 100 times now and committed it to memory subconsciously lmao
        I needed a pen name. My family and friends don’t know about my writing.
        Respect to you for using your real name, if that is your real name 🤔
        I have to look further into the zone. I’m usually only on there when I get stuck or I’m tired.

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