2 thoughts on “The Lamplighters

  1. I like this. The idea of the stars’ job being to light the night reminded me of Genesis, which in turn reminded me of a piece I wrote some years back.


    Place without existence
    before words have meanings;
    chances and possibilities
    spread like lava flows
    across formless yet-to-be.

    Yawning nothing spans,
    as across distance
    something becomes;
    a telescopic event
    for a distant age.

    Brightness bridges,
    and another something
    receives first light.
    Was there warning,
    trembling, anticipation?

    Did waiting darkness
    dread revelation
    in the minutes till dawn?
    Oh, to have watched
    while the sun ignited.

    And the evening and the morning were the first day.

    By: Michael Williams / December 6, 2007

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