Good Day Sunshine

A day to shine
with award boasts
since one’s now mine
for my blog posts
They're painful though
Navin said so
when he picked me

(C) Stephen W. Buchanan 2020

Originally published advertising free at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

Thank you, Navin, for thinking my site worthy of a Sunshine Blogger Award! That is very generous of you. I appreciate your honesty when you let me know about the award and said – “I “enjoy” (sometimes they’re painful) reading your writings.” If I ever publish a collection of my ha’sonnets that quote will be on the back cover. 🙂

But that honesty is fitting with how you write and present your wonderful “Self realization, experiences & expressions and some other dimensions” through poetry on your site Navin’s Poetry. Always worthwhile reading your posts.

Now the hard part. The award has rules to follow, and if I don’t follow them within fourteen days bad things will happen to me. I apologize up front to those I nominate since this now falls on you and one of the rules is I have to nominate others.*

(*Editor’s note: Bad things will not happen to anyone if the rules are not followed within fourteen days.** That is a myth of chain letters, not blog awards.)

(**Clarification to Editor’s note: Bad things could still happen in those fourteen days, but they would be coincidental to the award, not because of it.)

Rules of Sunshine Blogger Awards:    

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.   
  2.  Pingback the link (via comment) to the blogger who nominated you.    
  3. Answer the questions asked.    
  4. Nominate up to 10 bloggers and ask them to answer your 11 questions.    
  5. List the rules and display the logo of the Sunshine Blogger Award.

Numbers 1, 2 and 5 are completed above. Here are my answers to Navin’s questions:

  1. What would you like to do in your free time ? 
    • A. Spend time with my family or read.
  2.  What drives you crazy in life?
    • A. Myself not letting things go.
  3.  What kind of person are you, introvert or extrovert?
    • A. Very much an introvert who pretends to be an extrovert.
  4. Have you gone through any book recently? if yes, please name it.
  5. What you prefer to do in your holidays?
    • A. Spend time with my immediate family and go someplace peaceful. 
  6. Do you like any kind of sport?
    • A. Yes. Soccer, Penn State Football, Bicycle Races, and, for some odd reason, Australian Rules Football. 
  7. Are you a fitness freak person? if yes, name your favorite one.
    • A. No. Walking is the extent of my exercise. 
  8. Do you like to listen to music?
    • A. Yes. A variety of genres. 
  9. What is the main thing you like about other’s Blog?
    • A. The unique styles. How people manipulate the words and phrasing to tell their stories. 
  10. Do you like to do adventurous things?
    • A. Generally no. I like calm and relaxed. 
  11. How do you handle the things when bad phase comes in life?
    • A. Badly. Usually all five stages of grief make an appearance. Even for little things. 

Now, my questions and nominations.

Questions: I figured I’d put them first so the nominees can decide if they want to answer them.

  1. Do your RL family and friends know you write poetry and read your poetry?
  2. Is what you write  mostly based on reality, or mostly made up?
  3. If you could make a living writing poetry, would you want to?
  4. Do you prefer to write rhyming or non-rhyming poetry, or just whatever comes out when you write?
  5. Did you read poetry before you started writing poetry? 
  6. In a bookstore or online, would you buy a book of poetry to read now? 
  7. Do you prefer to write with a pen and paper, computer keyboard, phone, or something else (what)?
  8. Do you have a specific writing time, or just whenever the mood hits you? 
  9. Are you generally more sunny or cloudy? 
  10. Have you ever attempted to give up writing?
  11. All things considered, would you rather a sunny day on Sesame Street or in Philadelphia?

Nominations: For those I nominate, and it was hard to limit my selections, whether you choose to participate or not is up to you and won’t stop me from reading what you write. But it is my way of letting people know I think you have a blog worth reading.

26 thoughts on “Good Day Sunshine

  1. 1. Yes some of my RL family know I write, I don’t ask if they’ve read my thoughts 😁 Most of my friends know I write and have read my words.
    2. I live and write in both venues. 😬
    3. Well! Who wouldn’t want to?
    4. I suck at rhyming, I do some free verse. I like haiku (compressed expression).
    5. Not really, a friend introduced me to it, he wrote. I thought hey I’ll try it.
    6. Yes, I shop at small bookstores. I have to see, smell and feel the pages. I also frequent he library, if not my room would become one. 📚📚📚📚
    7. I use all implements, also binders with post its for those thoughts that flash in seconds. I record on phone when I’m out because thoughts a fleeting. 🌪🌬💨
    8. No I don’t regulate myself to time.
    9. I like the sunny 😎 side of the street but you know, every now and then ⛈ stormy weather rolls and that’s okay for short periods. 🌑
    10. No, although I did have the Guinness World Record for the longest writer’s block in history. 🥇
    11. My split personality answers BOTH! 🤫

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  2. Congratulations 🎊 . Thank you for the nomination, Much appreciated. Oh my! Am I still within the 14 day time limit? Ooo pop, hey where did this tail come from? Boing yikes whiskers!!! Ooohhhh BBS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the congratulations. My editor says I have to say this: Ahem. ‘There is no way a tail or whiskers are a result of this award. It is just a terrible coincidence.’ Just as an aside, the whiskers are probably fetching. Unless you mean a full on Ulysses S Grant beard. They look bad on everyone no matter what hipsters think. 😄

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  3. 1. My family and friends read my poetry and (mostly) appreciate it.

    2. I write about memories, events, and people. Then sometimes, my mind wanders; when it comes back and tells me where it’s been, I write about that.

    3. I would love to be able to make a living writing poetry, but I’m sort of timid about it and don’t have the faintest idea how to begin.

    4. I tend to use whatever form seems to fit what I want to write. For one poem, I tried to write it in three different formats before the fourth format worked. Whether rhymed or unrhymed, I go with what works. That said, I do love it when the rhymes fall into place and seem natural.

    5. Yes, but no thanks to high school English courses. When people tell me they don’t read poetry, I always ask them one question: “Did your high school English teacher teach poetry by emphasizing metaphor, analogy, simile, and hidden meanings?” They invariably answer yes, and I tell them their teacher was wrong. The most important thing when reading a poem is to READ. THE. POEM. Read it like they would a story, for pleasure. Then, if they want to look for the other things, that’s fine. To borrow a term from computer printing, my poetry is mostly “What you see is what you get.”

    6. Since I am a quadriplegic, it would have to be online, so I could buy it in Kindle format, but I have been considering purchasing some books of poetry.

    7. I write with my computer, and did so even before becoming paralyzed. Before that I used a typewriter, and before that pen and paper. One thing I have always done, however, is to work on what I am writing in my mind before ever committing it to a page. I am not entirely sure why, but I have always hated doing a rough draft first.

    8. It is mostly whenever the mood hits me, which is one reason I always worked on things in my mind. I could do it as I mowed a lawn, which was very useful because when I was in school, we had a huge lawn. Even with a riding lawnmower, it took a while. Now, I can work on something late at night and still have it in mind when I can use my computer the following day.

    9. I am generally more sunny. I prefer to write about something upbeat when I am feeling down rather than write about feeling down.

    10. In a sense, I did. When I got married, I essentially stopped writing for over 25 years. Since coming back to it, I have no intention of stopping again.

    11. On Sesame Street, for sure. We used to have a cat named Muppet Monster, if that tells you anything.

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    1. Nice, thoughtful and interesting answers, Michael! I remember what you mean about high school English and poetry. I didn’t start reading it for enjoyment until I got more serious about writing it.


  4. Congratulations on your much deserved award!!!

    You know (and if you don’t you should) know how much I love your poetry.

    But you also know, my friend, that I must decline to answer your questions for fear of people finding out I’m actually more boring than they already may think I am!

    But your nomination, and the fact you think my blog is worth reading, means the world to me.

    So thank you 🖤🖤

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    1. Thank you very much! You’re welcome for the nomination! I always enjoy how you write your poems and look forward to reading them.

      It’s okay declining, but I did write boring questions so any answers would overshadow them. 😉

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  5. Congratulations! A well deserved award!
    Interesting answers. I didn’t know you were an AFL fan. Support a particular team?

    Thank you for the nomination. This is my first sunshine blogger award.
    I’m more than happy to answer your questions.

    1. No one knows I write poetry except my wife. She only reads what I’ve written if I ask for her opinion.

    2. Everything I write is made up. Some posts have slithers of reality but not many.

    3. Of course. You can write poetry anywhere. I could be home with my family much more.

    4. I write what comes. I honestly have no choice. I rarely sit down with intention or direction.

    5. I started reading and writing poetry about the same time.

    6. I borrow all books from the library. Bookshelves are too full as it is. I have a solid poetry selection.

    7. I write, edit and publish everything from the notepad of my phone.

    8. I write on the bus to and from work. It’s the only time I have free. Although I grab my phone out at anytime of day and write ideas, words, lines, rhymes, etc, then go back yo them later.

    9. A bit of both, leaning yo sunny. Depends on the crowd. As for weather, I love a cloudy day.

    10. I stopped writing for over 10 years. Only just started again last year.

    11. Sesame Street. Have you seen the list of guest stars.

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    1. Thank you very much, Twisty! You’re welcome for the nomination! Your generally upbeat writings made your blog an easy choice. Nice answers to the questions. I wrote the first one with you in mind. 🙂. Someone once said you know you’ve made it if you get invited to guest star on Sesame Street.

      As for Aussie Rules, I became a fan when I one of the sports channels here carried it as filler. Now there’s at least one match on Fox Sports every weekend of the season. Because of the simple Cats name, I became a Geelong (“The Greatest Team of All”) fan back when Bomber was in charge, and Lingy, GazzaJr, JPod, and Scarlett consistently took them to the Grand Final.


      1. I suppose I sprinkle a few upbeat posts here and there 🤔
        Thanks, I answered more directly than I normally would. I was juggling kids(not literally) and typing.
        The first question was for me? Because you knew the answer or wanted it?
        That makes sense about sesame Street. They set a high bar(probably so the kids don’t get to it)

        I grew up not far from Geelong. Nice place. The fans can be a bit arrogant, understandably so in that era, they were unstoppable.
        I’m a Magpies fan. Some of my family even played for them.
        Season starts in 2 and a half weeks!

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      2. You had commented before that you posted anonymously because no one knew you wrote, so I wondered if others did too. I used to, but when I started the site I figured I’d go all in.
        I’m glad to be past the kid juggling age. 🙂
        Cooolllliinnnnnggwoooood! I used to hate that cheer. Even over the television thousands of miles away. At least you aren’t a Tigers fan. 🙂 I think the Cats will struggle a bit this year. And by struggle I mean not stay up top all season. Several very nice young players and some great older players, but not a lot of real depth.


      3. I was thinking the other day that if I was to publish a book, would I use my real name. I still haven’t decided.
        I’m looking forward to the time when I say something and they listen.
        I miss that cheer. I haven’t been in oz for years.
        I can’t stand Richmond supports, vicious bogans.
        I agree. Cats are going into rebuild. I’m hoping we can make one final push for the gf this year. We’ve had some disappointing choking issues in the last few years.

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  6. Hey Stephen,
    Your welcome & thanks for participating. You deserve to be nominated for this blogger award. I will of course let you know about the winner once I know myself. Much love – Navin

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