Stories of Life

I’m a bit part
in your story
Some background art
for your glory
As you in mine
In life’s design
each are their star

(C) Stephen W. Buchanan 2020

Originally published advertising free at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

12 thoughts on “Stories of Life

      1. I SO agree…if everyone could shift their perspective outward, even a tad bit every day, so much of the tumult would dissolve. I truly believe this…though I don’t have much hope it will actually happen.

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      2. I’m hoping it will shift that way for enough people that people would become more willing to discuss solutions instead of taking sides. If wishes were fishes…


      3. I’m with you, truly–taking sides isn’t terribly productive, especially as the yelling and physical violence increase. I confess that I was handling the pandemic really well–but when the euphemistic “social unrest” heated up, I began to spiral down. It’s impossible to completely avoid the news, and one doesn’t want to live entirely uninformed. My very best to you and the Mrs 🙂 ❤

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      4. I hope you are spiraling upward again. I’m hoping the talking that has started continues into serious discussion and doesn’t just fade out when people feel enough “good” has occurred. There can never be “enough” good. To confuse an old saying, I hope the omelet doesn’t need many more eggs.


      5. I guess time will tell. There’s a fascinating legal case going on–The Doomsday Cult Mom (and Mr Doomsday)…they believe the world will end next month. If they’re correct (which I don’t believe they are) it will be a moot topic 😉


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