Around We Go

The universe
may someday cease
if god’s old purse
neglects the lease
A bang it gets
as it resets
for a new play

You see, my friend
in nature’s plan
what doesn’t end
never began
a word, you see
no one’s seen done

C) Stephen W. Buchanan 2020

Originally published advertising free at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

22 thoughts on “Around We Go

      1. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I wonder why people like something I post just to get something out there. Not bad, but also not very good in my opinion. And then something I’m excited to post gets overlooked. Ah, well. I’m trying not to be in it for the likes. 🙂. Thanks.

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      2. I think it defies analysis 🙂 I’m not in it for the likes either–but on the ones which I think really showed my talent, it’s nice if even one person says something affirming. It’s nice–but I don’t depend on it. There are days when I’m ill or fatigued, and I’m doing well to just click the like–without typing a rave review to make someone’s day. And for whatever reason, some bloggers just shun the Comment box. What makes me nuts is some of the people who Follow me–who clearly have NOT read anything on my blog–because their blogs have nothing in common with me or my writing, or beliefs. They’re trying to sell me something, and it makes me cranky. Or they’re soliciting followers, anybody–just to get their stats up, and that bugs me too. For me, there has to be some minimal connection, or I’m not interested. In a previous blog, I made my About page a “warning”–hoping to deter readers who would annoy me. That’s when it became abundantly clear that people Don’t READ About pages…or “Award-Free Blog”…or anything pertinent. I look for the About page first. (And I’m still working on mine, so it’s not up yet.) Okay, I’ll stop ranting now 🙂 🙂 Some days my halo is bent and tarnished 🙂

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    1. Maybe you don’t have answers, and I know I don’t have answers, but there might be someone who does. 🙂 Until they make themselves irrefutably clear I’ll try my luck with my writing. 🙂

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