All That Glitters

You should be pissed
‘cause in the bog
the frog you kissed
was just a frog
Its royal hue
seemed right to you
Instead you’re dead

(C) Stephen W. Buchanan 2020

Originally published advertising free at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

Yes, I know, poisonous frogs are found in Central and South American forests, not in bogs.

15 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. lol… we have cane toads, imported originally from central America, and they live everywhere north of Sydney, including bogs. And people kiss (well, lick) them on purpose! Hmm… yep, your poem really is an excellent metaphor.

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      1. They actually are hallucinogenic – they secrete the alkaloid bufotenine which is on the controlled substances list in the same category as LSD. They also secrete a toxin that stops the heart, like digitalis. Happy dreams of prince charming – then be still my beating heart…

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      1. Thanks much! I’ll soon be deleting the other one–so this will be the “main one” 🙂 No rush, just read at your leisure 🙂

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