What Did We Do

Arrest your fears
don’t panic yet
When the smoke clears
they may forget
and something new
will take their view
We'll be scot-free

© Stephen W. Buchanan 2021

Originally published advertising free at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

Apropos(ish) of the title (NOT the content, really!) of my poem, by wonderful coincidence 20 minutes after it posted I received an email from Susi Bocks saying the anthology of poetry “The Sound of Brilliance” had been published and is available! Susi created this anthology from poems that were part of the “The Short of It” series she created and hosts on her site “I Write Her” (which you should all subscribe to). I am happy 😁 🎉 to say there are three ha’sonnets of mine – “Sweet Little Lies,” “Out of Context,” and “We Can’t Go Back” – included among the many wonderful poems by great poets in the collection!
It is available in both paperback (here) and eBook (here) version on Amazon. 

18 thoughts on “What Did We Do

    1. Thanks, Mouse! Aside from the last line, because I have nothing to get away with, this came from a work issue. Kind of like a merger and the new organization doesn’t believe you could have done as well as them and try to find anything to poke at. I’ve reached the point where it feels they are looking for more haystacks to try and find a needle in because they hadn’t been successful yet. 🙂 Hopefully they’ll go to someone else’s farm soon.

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      1. You’re welcome. It ring true but perhaps more for me the reader than you the writer.
        Merger sounds fun. Although I’ve never been involved in one, and only know of them through American sitcoms and movies. There is much mergering in the US 😉

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