The songs were sung
and dances danced
The votes were rung
and backwards glanced
Who would agree
any country
had stunned and won

© Stephen W. Buchanan 2021

Originally published advertising free at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

Okay, so I’m not from or in Europe (though, I mean, neither is Australia!?🤔), but unlike many of my friends and acquaintances here in the US I had heard of Eurovision. My daughter saw it was being streamed in the US on a platform we got and said she might be interested. I had never seen it before, so I said why not, and we watched the finals (which means we didn’t get to see Australia 😁). I’ll admit it was a fun time.

I have to wonder how/why Germany picked their very popish entry, Jendrick, and why, in a song called “I Don’t Feel Hate” there was someone in a hand costume that kept giving the audience the finger. I guess he doesn’t feel it when he gives it? But I was very amused Germany was followed by Finland’s metal entry Blind Channel with their song “Dark Side” where the chorus starts with “Put your middle fingers up.” Maybe they could have borrowed Jendrick’s dancer. 😁 (I’m sure this joke has been made, but I couldn’t help it.)

And why does the UK even bother to send an entry?

The entry I enjoyed the most was Ukraine’s entry, Go_A and their song “SHUM”

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