Contest Winner

To make his mark
he had to fly
and to add sparks
he kneed a guy
(who had misread)
upside his head
His ball the call

© Stephen W. Buchanan 2021

Image of Shai Bolton’s Mark of the Year contender courtesy of Richmond FC

Originally published advertising free at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

For those who don’t follow Australian Rules Football, a mark is when a player catches a ball after it has been kicked. A contested mark is when multiple players try to catch it at the same time. Contested marks can get very interesting when you have players flying in at speed and with rather high leaps! 😁

22 thoughts on “Contest Winner

      1. Add to it that there are 18 players on a large ground that is also used as a cricket oval (the “national stadium” for the game is the Melbourne Cricket Ground, or MCG) with each team moving the ball very fast with kicks and passes, some of the collisons look it. Thanks, Hobbo!

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      1. The Cats. We talked about this before. So they fell one game short. How far did your Pies get? Hmm? 😸 I’m hoping for the Demons, after what they did to Geelong. But the Dogs did a number on Port, too. Hopefully it will be a good game and will be available in the US. Thanks, Mouse!

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      2. I thought we had but I couldn’t find the comment chain.
        Not a great year for the pies 🤣 no denying that. And Bucks leaving mid season was a kick in the pants.
        Cats have had a great decade. Nothing wrong with coming that close, other than the anguish of coming that close. Cats and dogs in the gf would have been interesting.
        Let’s hope for a good game and not another blow out.

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      3. I’m not sure what I thought about the gf. The team I wanted to win did. It looked like a Dogs’ blow-out agains them earlier on. Then it became a huge blow-out the other way. Well, on to next year!

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      4. That’s right. T20 is twenty overs a side. Whole match in 3 hours.
        I was so excited when I first read about how much cricket was involved in the hitchhikers series. Made me love it even more.

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