What Brought the Night

When cats were gods
and men were mice
and thoughts were frauds
meant to entice
and dreams were framed
by words unclaimed
Then day made way

© Stephen W. Buchanan 2022

Thanks to the mouse of The Twisting Tail for the reminder of cats having been gods (and a great Terry Pratchett line). 😸

Originally published advertising free at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

Speaking of cats, looking for a hand sewn pillow? My daughter Bee has an Etsy site for “Hand sewn decorative items” – RaccoonStitches! Please check it out!

5 thoughts on “What Brought the Night

    1. I don’t believe I could ever outshine your writing, Mouse, but thank you very much! (And thanks again for the Terry Pratchett line. A great writer who’s next book that now will never be will be missed.)


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