Return Ticket

Little toy trains
little toy tracks
are what remains
of childhood acts
The toys from then
pulled out again
bring thoughts forgot

© Stephen W. Buchanan 2023

Published advertising free at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

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I know, late for Christmas, but I forgot this was a Christmas song when the “Little toy trains, little toy tracks” line got stuck in my head. It brought back memories, so that is where it took me for the poem. The song “Old Toy Trains” was by Roger Miller, but once I looked it up I better remember the Glen Campbell cover version my parents played when I was young. (I even remember this album cover. 😁)

6 thoughts on “Return Ticket

  1. Fan-Tastic!! I love this one. I’m a Fan of Christmases of yore— love the music of then *Glen Campbell’s, yup. I remember this song dearly.
    And this ha’sonnet is tops. Every word! Thanks for sharing. 👏 👏

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    1. Thank you Selma! I don’t hear this song at Christmas anymore, though I admit I don’t listen to country music so it may be played on stations I don’t listen to, which is probably why I forgot it was a Christmas song. I’m happy you enjoyed it!


      1. I enjoyed it tremendously as it brought back memories. I couldn’t get it out of my head so, Today, I put together a little ha’sonnet to complement yours and to appease the music in my head. I’m adding yours with proper attributes and adding backlinks. Thanks. Your ha’sonnet is deserving of it. Blessings, Stephen. Happy new month. xo

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      2. Thank you, Selma! Your poem is lovely! And thank you for including mine – it does go well with yours. 😁 I commented on your poem, but I’m using the new WP Jetpack app and for some reason after I clicked post it showed as anonymous.

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