No Editing

I can’t write notes
to my past self
with antidotes
for on my shelf
But future me's
happy to see
mistakes I make

© Stephen W. Buchanan 2023

Published advertising free at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

Hey! My daughter Bee has an Etsy site for “Hand sewn decorative items” – RaccoonStitches! Please check it out!

Yes it’s Friday, not Saturday when my next post should come. But it’s four years today (10 Feb) for this site and I’m still posting to it. I didn’t expect myself to keep to it this long. 😁 Thank you for reading!

10 thoughts on “No Editing

    1. I almost missed mine, but remembered when I posted the poem before this one. I understand not being here as much. My problem is I feel I should read all the posts of the people I follow, but then miss a day and feel like I’m behind by a 100. I don’t know how some people can post so many a day. Miss two days and I feel too overwhelmed to even attempt reading. Then it spirals. So trying to make sure I have my two poems a week takes effort to get on the site.

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      1. Exactly. It gets to the point that you are reading so much you have no time left to write.
        I started slowing down when WordPress wouldn’t let me on. At best I wait a few minutes for each page to load which means I don’t have the time to visit everyone anymore.

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      2. I haven’t decided. After deciding this past year to stop worrying about readers and likes, which lead to stopping worrying about reading everything the posters I follow post, I don’t feel it to be so much a chore. It was starting to cause stress last year. (I even made a post about it – Now I find having two posts a week doesn’t feel too hard. (Though sometimes they aren’t as good as I would like 😁.) So we’ll see.

        How about you? I hope your vacation/holiday helps you relax a bit and refreshes your ability to post what you want.


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