The Night Before

Just hold me tight,
don't let me go.
Know that tonight
I love you so.
Tomorrow morn,
they'll sound the horn,
and I must fly.

I don't know when
I shall return,
but until then
for you I'll yearn.
So for tonight
just hold me tight
and be with me.

(C) Stephen W. Buchanan 2016

Image of British Troops coming ashore at Gold Beach, D-Day, World War II courtesy
of Good Free Photos.


Statues standing
across the land
are demanding
a fairer hand
Less derision
of the vision
why they should stay

to those long past
whose held ideals
are now outcast
Their past glories
now bad stories
Old views refuse

Knock it down now!
Is often heard
We do not bow
to what's absurd!
Honor basest!
Slavers! Racists!
Unjust are cussed

But statues have
another role
Not just as salve
for some a-hole
A distraction
for bird action
So splat on that

(C) Stephen W. Buchanan 2016