Statues standing
across the land
are demanding
a fairer hand
Less derision
of the vision
why they should stay

to those long past
whose held ideals
are now outcast
Their past glories
now bad stories
Old views refuse

Knock it down now!
Is often heard
We do not bow
to what's absurd!
Honor basest!
Slavers! Racists!
Unjust are cussed

But statues have
another role
Not just as salve
for some a-hole
A distraction
for bird action
So splat on that

(C) Stephen W. Buchanan 2016

March Madnesses

The King’s Gambit

Though it deplored
folklorey hype
the lion roared
and took a swipe
Being all rough
about its stuff
Not blunt up front

Final Brackets

A tournament
of hoops and balls
as excitement
fills college halls
Cheerleaders dance
and mascots prance
Crown one champion

Just Checking In

Yet still they skate
around the ice
to orchestrate
a shot precise
Next month, playoffs
dropped pucks, face-offs 
slap shots in slots

The Windblown Look

They huffed and puffed
and blew on through
feeling all chuffed
with what they do
Bringing showers
for the flowers
So gust they must

Diamonds Dust-Off

With ball and glove
bat and bases
The fans glow love
on upturned faces
Spring training's here
for them to cheer
Play ball! the call

A Fevered Pitch

The whistle blows
and matches start
The action flows
like a black art
On snow or grass
a perfect pass
Extol's a goooooooooooooooal!

Wooly Bully

A bleating lamb
meanders through
Ends the program
on a soft cue
Thinks its the stuff
with its wool fluff
At peace with fleece

(C) Stephen W. Buchanan 2017