I’ll Sleep No More

One moonless night
startled awake
I saw a sight
that made me shake
For standing there
in some light’s glare
was me at three

To my chagrin
my shocked surprise
was mirrored in
his/my young eyes
as suddenly
a memory
flooded my head

This omen sent
filled me with dread
I knew it meant
I'd soon be dead
My will did crack
and I fell back
to wait my fate

For as a child
I had a dream
that was so wild
I had to scream
A man, like me
I did then see
was dead in bed

A murdered man
Stabbed through the heart
And I knew then
who played that part
This room well met
that nightmare’s set
in my mind’s eye

Hold on, I thought
I’m still alive
Had I forgot
I would survive
But three year me
cried out loudly
and said “He’s dead!”

Next morn I woke
grasping at life
Feeling reborn
Then saw the knife
plunged through a note
where someone wrote
“Dreams Do Come True”

(C) Stephen W. Buchanan 2019


Not first each day
but overall
keeps time in play
hopes to forestall
any attack
from at his back
Hello yellow

Breathing heavy
legs on fire
pushing away
close to wire
someone’s jumping
legs start pumping
The scene for green

Digging quite deep
grinding away
the road is steep
the peaks to slay
A highland fling
the mountain king
with hots for dots

Younger than most
riding this test
fighting to post
up as the best
Leads the young group
hopes for the scoop
The fight for white

Taking chances
fighting harder
thus enhances
his day’s ardor
breakaway lead
combative deed
The day’s ablaze

Stay together
each plays their role
Obscure tether
holds for their goal
Team with best three
easy to see
Sun smeared headgear

(C) Stephen W. Buchanan 2016

Images of the Stage One podium jersey awards courtesy of the Official  website of the 2019 Tour de France.