Not first each day
but overall
keeps time in play
hopes to forestall
any attack
from at his back
Hello yellow

Breathing heavy
legs on fire
pushing away
close to wire
someone’s jumping
legs start pumping
The scene for green

Digging quite deep
grinding away
the road is steep
the peaks to slay
A highland fling
the mountain king
with hots for dots

Younger than most
riding this test
fighting to post
up as the best
Leads the young group
hopes for the scoop
The fight for white

Taking chances
fighting harder
thus enhances
his day’s ardor
breakaway lead
combative deed
The day’s ablaze

Stay together
each plays their role
Obscure tether
holds for their goal
Team with best three
easy to see
Sun smeared headgear

(C) Stephen W. Buchanan 2016

Images of the Stage One podium jersey awards courtesy of the Official  website of the 2019 Tour de France.

Beautiful Game

Set For The Start

The teams come out
The anthems’ sung
Handshakes about
The coin is flung
The TIFO mocks
Ref sets the clock
Prayers said, fears shed

Uncrossed Keeper

The ball's played wide
A cross sent in
Keeper decides
to her chagrin
not to come out
Poachers about
It's near! Whew, cleared!

Bad Tackle Pain

A foul is called
the whistle blown
''I played the ball!'
'Yellow card shown
The wall is set
Over is bet
Curves round, goal found!

The Midfield Run

The midfield run
with tricks and turns
to watch is fun
until one learns
there is no shot!
Was all for naught!
Set up let up!

The Corner Kick

The whistle blows
The ball is kicked
Defender knows

not to get picked
Forward rises
Shot surprises
Crossbar the star

The Offside Call

Flag waves in sun
The play called back
Mistimed her run
Killed the attack
But disagrees
In replay sees
Her stride onside!

A Halftime Speech

Team down by one
at halftime's knell
Out of the sun
the coach does yell
Show some spirit!
Where is your grit?
Play smart! With heart!

Possession Stat

Possession stat
clearly favors
the passing craft
of visitors
Their ball control
taking its toll
Home chase the pace

Keeper is Boss

Another cross
easily caught
Keeper is boss
Pass target sought
Ball sent upfield
Midfielder wheeled
Attack from back

The Back Dove In

The back dove in
with her studs up
Yellow again
for that blowup
Freekick taken
Goal forsaken
Nice try. Offside

No Place To Go

No place to go
she plays it back
Don’t seem to know
how to attack
Frustration starts
to play a part
More scowls and fouls

Midfield Mugging

A little tug
A stretched jersey
Acts like she’s mugged
for ref to see
Ball put down quick
for the freekick
Near post, so close

They Score Once More

Ball played up long
Time running out
Headed along
In with a shout
Keeper off line
One in behind
Two-Oh? It’s so!

Full Time

Whistle blows twice
ending the match
Home team makes nice
but wants rematch
Felt poorly served
Loss undeserved
Bad call caused fall

(C) Stephen W. Buchanan 201

Image of France vs Korea Republic FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 and FIFA Women’s World Cup Logo courtesy of FIFA Women’s World Cup.