Not My Ha’sonnets

Since I’ve been posting in this ha’sonnet form, other poets have decided to give it a spin as another part of their collection of poetic styles. Below are links to the wonderful ha’sonnets they wrote, though I recommend all their poetry as worth reading. I apologize if there are ha’sonnets I did not include, but that is only because I have yet to find them in my reading and not because I did not want to include them.

The Twisted Mouse at The Twisting Tail wrote:

Kate at anotherkatewilson wrote:

Joseph Mason at Joseph Mason Author wrote:

Z & Z at Breathing Shallow Poetry wrote:

Frank Hubeny at Poetry, Short Prose and Walking wrote:

Dr. Crystal Grimes at Mystical Strings wrote:

BoardFlak, now at Farrago Express, wrote these when he was at The Peaceful Pub, but sadly that site is no longer accessible:

Rhen Laird at Cobbled Contemplations ~ Poetry, Etc. wrote these, but sadly this site is no longer accessible: